Friday, October 16, 2009

uforth 0.921 -- more pre-release goodness

Visit uforth for the latest "on your own for now" pre-release. I've included a link to a prebuilt binary for the MSP430 ez430-rf2500 board.

It's more robust and comprehensive. Plus it supports direct word compiles to the MSP430 flash.
It weighs just over 8KB flash + 900 bytes RAM. It support an 8KB (4096 cell) dictionary, so there is plenty of room to play.

The PC/Unix version still works well too. I use it for new dictionary development and create a TI file of the compiled dictionary for the MSP430.

Nothing automated yet and very little documentation. But, hey you can define words, loop and do some "meta" stuff.


Anonymous said...

Nice work so far, especially compiling to flash. I'm working with an Atmel Xmega which is very similar to the msp430 and I'm going to give a go at porting your code over.

Like you, I'm torn between maxing out my memory resources and having an on chip devel environment. Long term, I'd like to build a Tcl like interp in Forth, so that I can develop code faster.

Steve (stever on tcler's chat)

Todd Coram said...

Steve, I feel your pain.

uForth currently consumes < 4KB code space (flash) on an MSP430 and about 1KB RAM.

I'd be interested in seeing your Xmega code...

Jean-Claude Wippler said...

Neat stuff - I've been playing with uForth, running on an STM32-based ARM board under ChibiOS - looking good so far. Just one note that the "uForth" link appears to be dead.


Todd Coram said...

Link updated. Website redirect pending.

Wow. It's been a while since I've tried uForth on the STM32 and I am pleasantly surprised to hear it is working.

Hello jcw, we cross paths again ;)