Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's a bit early to make 2009 New Year resolutions, but I am posting this to remind myself of one (professional) resolution I plan to make: No more compromises.

This doesn't mean that factors won't be considered. What I produce professionally (technically) will be indeed affected by time, monetary costs and, of course, family needs. But, the feeling that I may have compromised a design or solution due to technical decisions is something I want to put behind me.

If I were to produce a technological product in 2009, it will be the *best* product I could have produced, given time, monetary costs and family needs.

I look around at the stuff that I use and like (e.g. Tivoli radios, byerdynamic headphones and Grado headphones, sennelier oil pastels, copic outliners) and I see them as the wonderful products. They are just things, but as things go, they give me pleasure.

I make things. It is what I do, and I don't do enough of it. However, I also accept too many compromises (either out of indifference, tiredness, or even incompetence on my part). I have to stop that.