Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wireless (portable) MP3 Player

Pictured here is a mock up of my "eternally in progress" MP3 player. It's 3x2 inches.

This time it is based on a TI MSP430 + 2.4Ghz wireless module (EZ430-RF2500T), a Sparkfun MP3 breakout board and a rechargeable CR2032 Lithium Ion 3V 250mAh button cell battery.

Two jacks: up top is the headphone / line-out jack and below is the power charger module jack.

Up on the right is a micro-sd holder for MP3 files.

The unit is controlled via wireless (player controls and status).

I am estimating battery life at around 8-10 hrs of play.

(And, yes, for those of you with sharp eyes, the proto board needs to be isolated from the battery holder because the topside of the board is one continuous plane and would short out the positive oriented holder.)