Friday, March 09, 2007

(Re)Kickstarting the Turtle

I've been taking a break from the Turtle (the iCreate robotic platform). But, now I'm trying to get myself back into the groove.

The way my mind works: I'm not motivated very much by hobbyist pursuits. That is, my CFT is usually grounded in building something practical. This is not a criticism of the wonderful Maker mentality. It's just that I don't seem to possess that gene (the one where you hack/make for just the intellectual gratification).

Now, mind you, when I draw or paint I am doing it solely for my own gratification. But, these days, with such limited CFT, I tend to want to make stuff that has some practical purpose (even if it is just to further my knowledge -- so I can do greater things). Maybe its my 40 year old brain screaming "do something useful".

I am working on some C functions to allow the AVR chip to control the Turtle. Of course, there is nothing special about this. I just really need to get something running so I can start programming the Turtle to do something "interesting".

Over the next few days, I need to determine what "interesting" is.

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