Friday, March 27, 2009

Modular Robotics (Bioloid)

A couple of years ago I dropped big bucks on a Bioloid robotic set.  My son has since lost interest in robotics (but I will try to ignite it again in a couple of weeks at RobotFest).  I lost interest in the set due to its cumbersome programming interface and (to me) flaky CM-5 processor brick.

This morning I was talking about robots with a co-worker who has done quite a bit himself in the past. I was curious to see if Bioloids were still being sold and... ooh, there are tech manuals now on the smart servos!  Protocol documentation too!  

I smell a CFT project. In particular, I should be able to pair a Bioloid sensor with an MSP430 or AVR (the CM-5 uses an AVR) and do interesting things.  Maybe I could do this with a few servos too.

Imagine: A Bioloid / Roomba (Create)  hybrid... oooh, think of the potential!


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