Wednesday, September 30, 2009

uForth preliminary release... very, very alpha

This probably won't be usable for anyone and it isn't organized well at all. In fact, you could view it as a drunken pseudo-intellectual ramble captured as source code. It may mean something, or it just could be plain useless. For me, personally, it is an achievement.

I am sitting here right now, enjoying a Taylor Fladgate 10 year old Tawny Port, listening to a heady mix of Abdullah Ibrahim, Michael Franti, Dinosaur Jr. and Arcade Fire, considering if I should release this.

Aw, hell. If you want to muck with it, go ahead. Here is the (probably uncompilable) tarball of uForth.

P.S. I actually got it to run on an MSP430 today (via Rowley Crossworks). I can't promise support, nor can I promise a steady stream of releases, although it is geared to become the basis of some stuff at my day job.

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