Wednesday, October 07, 2009

uForth 0.7 pre-release

Last night I finally made some progress with compiling to the MSP430 flash dictionary: I can now compile words on the MSP430!

I also moved the MSP430 development to the more widely available (and cheaper!) ez430RF module (MSP430F2274 based).

Unoptimized, the VM/interpreter is 6.6KB and the RAM footprint is 844 bytes (essentially leaving room for 90 one cell variables on the MSP430F2274). I made the dictionary 4092 words (~8KB) to leave room for C app code. The uForth dictionary is (by architecture) limited to 32KB.

The brave can grab at snapshot (or look at documentation) here. If you have an ez430RF and you want to poke about (you're on your own for now), you can grab this big TI format flash file here. This file contains both the VM/interpreter and a dictionary.

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