Monday, April 12, 2010

mbed (Cortex-M3) and MPE Forth

Mbed is a neat little NXP LPC1768 based Cortex M3 development environment. It has a web based IDE, but I'm not interested in that. You can flash it by dragging a *.bin file to its embedded flash drive. Once you drag, you reset (via pushbutton) and a second or two later the device is reprogrammed.

This made a nice target for MPE's Forth 7 Cortex-M3 cross compiler. (I purchased the inexpensive "Stamp" version for ~ $115).

There was no included Mbed support, so I attempted a port. The port was easy -- I got the LEDs to blink. Now to figure out what to do with the thing...

While the LPC1768 has some interesting low power modes, the extra programming/flash-drive circuitry of the mbed doesn't allow full exploitation. However, until the Gecko Starter Kit becomes available, the mbed will do (for development purposes).


  1. Hello Todd

    Are you using an MBED SBC ? I just got one and I want to use the Forth language or LUA .....
    Any suggestions ....
    Any successes I have will be FLOSSED.

    Gus in Denver

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Oh yeah my email is

    Gus in Denver