Monday, April 11, 2011

Forth for ARM Cortex M3...

This news makes me happy :-)
I should break out my old STM eval boards and give it a try.

The last Forth (ignoring mine) that I've used was Charlie Shattuck's MyForth. Well it looks like he has created a new MyForth for the Arduino crowd. Slide here and sources here.

The nice thing about minimalism within the microcontroller world is that your end result is a "device". You don't have a lot of extra stuff (software standards, etc) to deal with.... so as long as your device interfaces correctly with outside world, the question is: Does it do something useful/interesting? Not: Did you use CouchDB, MongoDB or SQL?

Ah, the simple life.

Also, a shout out to GreenArrays for releasing initial measurements in their G144A12 spec sheet.

Ugh. I really need to find the time (and money) to play with the dev kit.


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