Monday, September 19, 2011

GreenArrays G144 - What to do with 144 cores?

I've been following the GreenArrays G144 since its inception.  Now a kit is available... programmable in colorforth (and eforth).  Forth chips aren't new to me. I remember devouring the Novix NC4000 back in the mid-80s (I couldn't afford one...).

So, the kit costs $450. I don't really have that kind of money to drop on a dev kit, but... if I did manage to scrape up the cash, what would I do with 144 computing cores?

Seriously, that is a good question for deep thinking. From an embedded computing perspective, what could one do with 144 computing cores?

If I can come up with some good ideas, this kit may be on my birthday wishlist.... ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM


    Perhaps (Imho) that the question is not necessarilly "what to do with 144 cores" who is the kind of public dedicated question, but "How does this kind of chip work, and what can I bring up for my own knowledge, and for other people interested in?".
    Razor-edge technologys are a world of passion, like the period of the 80's, when the Z80 with the help of Rodnay Zaks and Clive Sinclair made this processor a societal phenomenom.
    Best regards,
    Guy (France)

  2. Excellent comment. Chuck Moore has had a tremendous influence on my view of computation for decades.

    I've benefited (knowledge-wise) from my exploration of the GA144. At the time of the post I was trying to fuel further exploration by finding something practical to do with the chip.