Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Monitoring / Elderly Care project reboot

This blog has been an  on-and-off  forum for my Home Monitoring project for Elderly people. (A non-intrusive, internet aware means of keeping track of Grandma/Grandpa).

For the past year I've been exploring different technologies, from X10 to Z-Wave to Cameras to homebrew sensors.

Within just a year, prices have dropped dramatically on embedded (ARM) computers, Android tablets, and USB/Wi-Fi cameras.  I'm not so much dedicated to cheap hardware, but I am open to any options given the steep prices for Z-Wave and other proprietary tech.

More info to come.  This is going to be interesting and... different.

For background, check out:


Stay tuned.


  1. First off, great idea with the home monitoring using the webcam. Earlier this year, the facet blew out on my furnace and water was spraying everywhere. Had I not been home, that could have completely destroyed a large portion of my house. For that reason, I have defnitely been looking into various options to keep a close eye on things for when I am away.

    On another note. What a fantastic idea for using the monitoring for checking in on others. I am all for independent living for the elderly. I work for a walk in bathtub company that helps those looking to install safer bathing solutions, find the perfect bathtub. (If interested, http://walkinbathtubreview.org/). This enables those that are elderly or facing mobility issues live independently for as long as possible. It also allows for easier in-home care if that is a feasible option for the family.

    Anyway, stay on this!! You are definitely on to something BIG!

  2. Thanks for the comments.
    I'm making progress. In particular, I am close to finishing a prototype stove monitor.

    There will be more posted here as that happens, and I intend on making the source code free (open source).

  3. Interesting and great idea. Are the devices can be controlled through mobile phones remotely?

  4. My intent is to do mostly remote monitoring. Remote control (over the Internet) is a security nightmare. If not done correctly, your devices may get hacked.

    This is full of issues that I encounter in my day job ;)

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