Monday, April 28, 2008

New Knuth Fascicles..

With Donald Knuth being trashed fairly recently on reddit and various blogs (mostly due to a recent interview), I realized that I haven't perused his site in a while.

Oooh. More fasciles!

In particular, I'll be trying to digest some of this one tonight.

(I am a huge fan of his work. Literate Programming is my all time favorite technical book. I read it back in 1992 and it has completely screwed me up for life. I read it whenever I get burnt out and need some inspiration. It has always been my model for excellence for both it's content and style.)


  1. Try also Thinking Forth by Brodie.

    Available from Source Forge. Free.

  2. Oh yes. Thinking Forth. I bought it when it first came out back in 1984(?). I still have my original copy (falling apart), on my workplace bookshelf. A great book.