Thursday, April 03, 2008

When is Forth no longer Forth?

If you follow Forth, you know that Chuck Moore is continually reducing what he considers to be Forth. But, I am intrigued by this 1991 article by Frank Sergeant.

I have a desire to do Forth on the MSP430, but there isn't a lot of memory. Even Forth expects more memory than most of the smaller MSP430s have available. There are commercial Forths that run on MSP430s, but what they offer is unclear.

I am trying to build a Forth-like language that will not only offer a tethered solution to MSP430 app development (run an interactive development environment on the PC that "controls" the MSP430), but have one that can save the results of tinkering as actually target code for the MSP430. I am taking the VM route (mainly because I don't have the CFT bandwidth for assembly). The C coded VM will have a target size of 2-4K and should execute the Forth bytecodes emitted by the PC based interactive development environment.

Just another CFT on the vine...

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  1. Have you looked at the Infineon and Fujitsu 32 bit MCU's?