Wednesday, February 08, 2012

arrayForth notes #3 - SPI

I've finally begun to talk to the PCF2123 from the G144A12 eval board.  The SPI code is not space optimized, so just the basics are taking up  almost a full node. (More on that later).
So far, I've got "reset" and a register read working (return data not validated).  I am using Node 8 and it's 4 GPIO lines (for MOSI, MISO, CLOCK and ENABLE/CS).  The PCF2123 is odd in that CS active is high, not low. I've got a tight for unext loop pulse the CLOCK line at around 2Mhz:

In the above Saleae Logic screenshot, I am tracing two CS sessions:  First a "reset" (0x10 and 0x58), and then a request to read register 4. I am not sure the data returned is correct (yet), but the fact that I am getting something must mean that the device is happy with my query.  Unfortunately, my register read isn't returning the value 0x15 yet, but at least I know that my GPIO pin writes are working.

As I said above, just basic support of SPI is taking up precious space (currently the SPI routines take 36 words of RAM!). I am planning on doing some optimizing, but I think that the actual PCF2123 functionality will need to live in a separate node.

I have a business trip planned for the next couple of days, so if I don't get the SPI "read" working correctly tonight it will have to wait until the weekend. However, the plane ride and hotel stay will afford me some time to look into space optimization of the code and perhaps I will finally tackle the simulator.

And, yes! Code will be posted... once the damn thing works.

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