Tuesday, February 07, 2012

arrayForth notes Part 2

I'm trying to get my G144A12 Eval board to talk SPI to a  Calendar chip (NXP PCF2123).  I've managed to get a 2Mhz(ish) clock pulse running from Node 8 on the Target chip.  (I've picked the Target chip because I am overwhelmed with all of the stuff the Host chip is connected to -- I'm better at learning stuff from the ground up).

Unfortunately, I've been trying to get a test harness up and running in a different Node (9) and have been crashing the system every few minutes with my clumsy attempts at wiring and routing.  Documentation regarding wiring Nodes is much lacking.

I'm obviously very confused about node direction. I've been referring to "right" as "left". Looking down upon the Node map, I've been wondering why I couldn't get Node 9 to talk to Node 8.  Apparently, Node 8 is to the "right" of Node 9. So, I suppose I should imagine "lying down on my back" on a Node.

I'd like to get something going between the Calendar and the Eval board this week, but I am flying out of town for a couple of days for a business meeting.

I wonder how airport security would react to a bare eval board stuffed into my back pack? (and to say nothing of the reaction if I were to try and use it in flight ;-)


  1. Chris7:44 AM

    Yes sometimes left is left and sometimes left is right! Luckily they have a Quick Reference Poster to sort it out.

    It is great to read about your adventures with GreenArrays EVB001 Evaluation Board.


  2. Would you believe I was staring at that poster and still missed that. The key word is "poster" and I was missing the fine type where they showed the "left" and "right". Doh!

    Thanks for pointing that out. I am going to make a laminated color printed copy of that poster.