Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bluegiga BLE112: A Game Changer?

Bluegiga has introduced a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) module: BLE112
Their approach: Add battery, SPI|UART|analog  based sensor, write a script and you've got a running sensor node.

This is great. It could save me a lot of work: Most of the sensor-side work is done for me.  They have introduced a scripting language that runs on the Bluetooth module (A TI CC2450 -- 8051 core).  It is a very low power design with great idle/sleep consumption savings.

Bluetooth LE wants to supplant ANT and Zigbee. It wants to do what ARM (Cortex) has done to the portables market.  This Bluegiga module is so far the most impressive implementation I've seen so far (on paper).

If this module does what I want for my home sensor network, then I can focus on the base station.  This is where things get interesting anyway.

I'm think more about using Erlang there. I think the time has come to introduce robust server technology to the embedded world.  This presentation agrees.  Exciting times ahead :-)

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