Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where is my jetpack?

I'm getting old, and I am getting impatient with technology.  Things are getting smaller, sleeker and sexier -- but they aren't getting any smarter.

Where are the big ideas?  Why are we still writing web application frameworks? Why are we porting Linux to anything that has a microcontroller and going "look! Isn't that cool? It's running on my watch."

Where is my jetpack?
Or, more relevant to computer technology:

Where is my Dynabook ? (No, an ipad isn't a Dynabook, and the XO is too cumbersome.
Where is my Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy? (The WikiReader is close, but it needs graphics and a voice reader)
Where is my "House of the Future"?  (It costs way damn too much and has no coherent operating "vision")

Yes, I know, I am bitching and moaning. Why don't I do something about it?
Well, that is why I am working on the "House of the Future" (my home monitoring project).
I'm thinking of forking this blog to document my progress.

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  1. Can't agree more. I noticed it long time ago, that the "inventors era" had been gone and was replaced by the senseless pursuit for gigabytes, gigahertzs and megapixels.
    Good luck with your project :-)